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  • Bang-Tec, Inc. was originally established as the Taipei branch of D.Y. Industries Co. ( "DY" ), a manufacturing and trading company serving the telecommunication product markets of Asia and North America.
  • DY having manufacturing partnerships with Sprint Nextel Corp., established a branch office in California during 1998 to service customers in the U.S market.
  • DY Taipei branch to spin off from DY and become independent in 2001 and thereafter named Bang-Tec, Inc. (“BTI”). In the same year, the U.S. branch also became independent and has since been known as America Brigh Technology Co., LTD. ( "ABT" ).
  • In 2001, BTI established Uni-form Industries Co., a subsidiary in Hong Kong.
  • In 2001, BTI established Uni-versal Electronics Co. ( "Uni-versal" ), a manufacturing plant in Chang Zhou, China. The plant was a joint venture project with Uni-on Electronics Co., an unrelated third party. Uni-versal has
    authorized capital of USD 3,000,000, BTI holds 65% of the shares, as well as 65% of the voting rights.
  • Branch offices in Chang Zhou and Shen Zhen were established in 2002 to ensure high quality and timely customer services can be provided to BTI's customers in China.
  • In 2003, several key customers (including Asus, Funai, Panasonic, Siemens, TomTom, Pioneer and Alpine) designated Uni-versal's acoustic components to be the official parts installed in their products.
  • In 2006, Uni-versal's OEM and ODM capabilities received the recognition and validation of several international brands. Uni-versal was subsequently engaged by Keyrin and Shinwoo of South Korea as their official acoustic component manufacturer.
  • In order to maintain competitive edge and the continuous growth of market share, BTI entered the Indian market and established a branch office in Hyderabad India in 2006. Pending local governmental approval, a BTI subsidiary in India is also in the process of establishment.
  • In addition to the offices in Hyderabad, a manufacturing plant in India is also planned for 2008. Together, the BTI facilities in India will oversee the production and assembly of acoustic components/products as well as marketing and
    distribution of merchandises within the Indian market.


  • ISO09001

  • ISO14001

  • QS9001




Uni-versal (Chang Zhou) Electronics Co., LTD.

  • Magnetic Transducers:8.3KK / M
    Production Line:20 Lines
  • Piezo Buzzers:1.5KK / M
    Production Line:5 Lines
  • Piezo Elements :2.0KK / M
    Production Line:6 Lines
  • Speaker and Receiver :6.2KK / M
    Production Line:20 Lines


  • Devloped Equipment

  • Quality Assurance Equipment