History and Background

  • Bang-Tec,Inc. was originally established as the Taipei branch of D.Y. Industries Co.
  • 1.DY Taipei branch to spin off from DY and thereafter named Bang-Tec,Inc.
    2.Established Uni-form Industries Co., a subsidiary in Hong Kong.
    3.Established Universal Electronics Co., a manufacturing plant in Chang Zhou,China.
  • Established Tsin United (Jia Shan) Electronics Co.
  • Cooperating with Neosid to begins T-Coil products in Germany.
  • Established Jie Bang (Jia Xing) Electronics Co., Ltd in Jian-Xin City.
  • BSE authorized BTI to be their Taiwan branch.
  • Cooperate with vibrator manufacturer Mplus be their Asia agent.
  • Tsin United (Jia Shan) Electronics Co. renamed to Yubang Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Established USA office and Plan to build the Vietnam factory original plan is 2020 because covid-19 pending to 2021


  • ISO09001

  • ISO14001

  • QS9001



Organization Chart


Manufacturing Capacity

Uni-versal (Chang Zhou) Electronics Co., LTD.

  • Magnetic Transducers:8.3KK / M
    Production Line:20 Lines
  • Piezo Buzzers:1.5KK / M
    Production Line:5 Lines
  • Piezo Elements :2.0KK / M
    Production Line:6 Lines
  • Speaker and Receiver :6.2KK / M
    Production Line:20 Lines


  • Devloped Equipment

  • Quality Assurance Equipment