• Very small,thin type omni-directional microphone
    Most suited to products having limited Space
    To design for high resistance to vibrations

    Capacitor inside:

    • 10pF(DECT, PHS, PCN, PCS.etc.)
    • 33pF(GSM.PDS.etc.)
    • 10pF+33pF(DECT, PHS, PCN,GSM,PDS.etc.)


    • Sensitivity: See above(0dB = 1v / Pa, 1kHz)
    • Impedance: Less than 2.2KΩ
    • Directivity: Omini-Directional
    • Frequency: 20-16,000Hz
    • Max. operation voltage: 10.0V
    • Standard operation voltage: 2.0V
    • Current consumption: Max. 0.5mA
    • Sensitivity reduction: Within-3dB at 1.5V
    • S/N ratio: More than 56dB
    • Shape size: ∮4.0xh1.0 Specification


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